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  Doing Business in Germany / Doing Business in Asia-Pacific

Prof. Winfried Weber GmbH, based in Mannheim, is a management consultancy, which is specialized in business development and to strengthen family businesses and global Mittelstand champions. Mittelstand companies have become an important role model and a management innovation for managers, policy makers, journalists and sme associations.

With partners in Europe and East-Asia (Korea, China and Japan) we support our clients in their east-west expansions to Germany or west-east expansions to Asia-Pacific.

Consulting Asia-Pacific – Focus Korea
-       Strategic Partnerships for German and Korean Businesses
-       Business and Management Development
        Management, Strategy, Innovation and Change, CSR, Succession Planning
-       Crisis Management
-       Negotiations
-       Hidden Champions Tours
-       HR Consulting
        Employee Retention, Recruitment, Campus Recruitment
-       Cross-cultural Competence and Training
        Seminars, Training, Coaching
-       Motivational Speeches, Workshops and Conferences

Hidden Champions Tour (Korean Group)

Next Tour: June 26 – July 2  

June 26 – Arrival Frankfurt  
June 27 – Workshop Hidden Champions  
June 28 – Hidden Champions Visit 1
June 29 – Hidden Champions Visit 2  
June 30 – Hidden Champions Visit 3  
July 1    – Hidden Champions Visit 4
              Culture Tour Heidelberg  
July 2    – Departure Frankfurt

Consulting for Family Businesses

-       Strategy and Leadership
-       Succession Planning
-       Innovation and Change
-       Internationalisation (focus Asia-Pacific in cooperation with korean,
        chinese und japanese partners)

Link: Management R&D, Mannheim University of Applied Sciences

Peter Drucker Society of Mannheim e.V.

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